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3 Excellent Resources To Use When You Are A Coach

When you are a coach and in this world full of resources, which tools do you feel have made an impact on your coaching and which ones do you use on a regular basis?

In today’s blog, I am looking at a book, a game and a principle which have served me along as a coach, something I can tap into when I coach my clients.  Please feel free to comment about your 3 best tools for your business as a coach in the comment box – I’d love your input.

  1. A book I read in my early days of self-development was “Feel the fear and do it anyway”, by Susan Jeffers. I still refer to it, it is a source of continuous inspiration and wisdom.
  2.  A game: Hazel Russo’s  Lumination game, a powerful game really giving you guidance on what to do next. It’s such an incredible reflective tool. The good news is that it’s fun too as it is a board game
  3. A principle from NLP, there is always a positive intention behind anyone’s behaviour, even if the behaviour is atrocious! This helps to dedramatise relationships especially when dealing with your own teenagers! To finish I go back to always being grateful – thank people around you for just supporting you and see the world with rose tinted glasses always helps, especially in winter!

Hazel Russo Lumination game

Over to you – what are your 3 best tools for your business as a coach?

About Helene:

Helene is a dreamer, a poet, a trainer, a coach, a mother and a daughter. She is passionate about helping others overcome their fears of speaking, in meetings, in social situations, in public and to speak up. She will help you to shape a presentation and to practice so that you can be your authentic self and speak from the heart. Find her on Book a discovery call. Buy her book and her online course here.

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