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“You get what you focus on”- another story

In this vlog , Helene explores what “you get what you focus on” using a personal story and her own experience.

This is a continuation to “you get what you focus on” part 1, and The Power of Coaching: you get what you focus on, but don’t forget to take action.

Many of us thrive to get what we want, but perhaps procrastination or worry gets in the way of achieving this. In this video, Helene shares a simple technique that has served her so well when she moved to the UK from France where she learned to speak English the hard way. But after putting in a lot of practise, Helene was able to achieve this by knowing what she had to focus on and by when.

To learn more, watch Helene’s vlog below.


Helene is a dreamer, a poet, a trainer, a coach, an author, a mother, a daughter.  She is passionate about helping others overcome their fears of speaking, in meetings, in social situations, in public and to speak up. She will help you to shape a presentation and to practice so that you can be your authentic self and speak from the heart.  She can help you overcome the blocks which prevent you from embracing life fully professionally and personally. 

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“I really enjoyed the group work and Helene’s style. I like the idea of knowing I work well with a visual cue: anchor. Good to be reminded of the circle of assurance, I did use it after! The group is feeling like we’re all working for each other, great. Like the idea of standing when presenting, will work on this. All very supportive and helping me. I enjoyed connecting with the group, focusing on my ideal client and the breathing exercises. Good to be reminded of ‘making myself bigger’ it helps so much with the confidence.  Gill Clark, Gill’s Health Hub – Homeopathy.

See what Tracy has to say here.

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