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Are You Going Through A Wobble? Best Tips To Cope!

When you are losing your grip

Help! I’m losing control! I am losing my grip.

Wobbles are part of life and make us humans. Still it is nice to learn from them, isn’t it? Maybe you might be able to do something about them without changing the whole of yourself but reflecting on better strategies to deal with them when they just turn up at the door!

Do you like learning new things?

Do you like meeting new people? or at the moment zooming them?

Are you curious, impatient to live and engulfed in the buzz of life?

Are you quite spontaneous but as a consequence do not organise yourself enough with others and miss out on meeting new people?

Can you see the big picture but not always able to see the milestones and the little steps!

Are you a extrovert in disguise- i.e you like being with people but also crave for your own time?

Do you like seeing some rewards for what you do but are not always able to wait!

The thing is that if you have answered yes to some of these questions, you are likely to get yourself on overwhelm and burn out very soon.

I suffer from a over enthusiastic need for life to be involved in everything and I resort to that when I am unsure about what to do next. I suffer from overwhelm of downloads, internet saturation and eyes full of words and images from many sources ranging from social media to You tube! I think we should create a new condition for that disease which did not exist when I arrived in England in the 90’s.

I check my  phone, my email, my numerous updates, my contact lists, my social folder, my promotion folder, I fiddle on my chair and get into this speedy agitated state where my body feels achy and my brain on overcharge! Familiar?

This is what I now do when I realize what I am doing:

  • Stop!  I ask “what am I doing?” is this helping and serving me in any way?”
  • Check for signs of self sabotage :why is when I need to rest the most before an event for example, I often run myself rugged as if a little voice again was saying” you do not know what you are doing” , see “you can even go to bed at a reasonable time”, acknowledge this is happening and go to bed!
  •  Ask yourself: in the scheme of things, do I need to do this or can it wait- what is it that really needs to be done now and can not wait?
  •  Check if your beliefs and values are congruent with your action. If I believe that the kids are the priority,  how come I have not booked the little one’s holiday camp yet, if I believe that they are important, how come I have not made any time to spend quality time with them?
  • Accept that there will be teething problems if you do something new, just breathe!

I never worry about the content of a course because I know that I have enough resources and experience in hand to cope in any training situation. I have been a teacher for 20 years after all. This might sound pretentious but I could walk in a room unprepared with a group of people and still be able to deliver a training session with substance and meaning . In my case I sometimes prepare a bit too much but I like to give myself plan A , plan B, plan C just in case!

  • On indecision: I like pondering over life- I do not like rushing but at times I ponder too much. It is when I make a decision, there is usually a great sense of relief physically and mentally and then I go into happy zone so learn how to make a  decision earlier to avoid the aggro!
  • Trust the process: It will take care of itself
  • Be prepared but not obsessed with the outcome!
  • Rest, rest, rest: if you are too tired you are no good to anyone
  • Spend targeted times on the internet- not too long not too little but a bit  everyday, I was thinking of the word a bit and have recently used Mambo number 5 as a warm up exercise for my courses. In a light hearted way, he says a bit of erica, a bit of …and so on… that is what I need a bit of… , but not too much !
  • Be grateful for what you have instead of being grumpy for what you do not have
  • Take time to unclutter  in your house and for me on my computer,  information overload gets you dizzy. Do I need all this reminders of everything I am missing out , Arghh  do I need to belong to all these thousands of  groups I have even got time to talk or I have forgotten even  existed on Facebook?

And most importantly listen to Mambo Number 5. Here is the track


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