Chelmsford, Essex


Do you Suffer with a Lack of Confidence?

Why Choose Hélène as a Confidence Coach?

Are you suffering from one of the following:

  • Feeling deflated, hate your work or not currently working and not quite sure where to start
  • Facing too many demands and not feeling in control
  • On the go and feeling restless and unhappy with no real aim in your life
  • Finding dealing with others, at work or at home difficult
  • Getting angry easily or feeling angry and resentful inside
  • Being bored with life and seeking thrills at all times
  • Unable to feel listened to and heard and therefore frustrated
  • Feeling lonely and out of tune with others

Hélène has years of professional and personal experience and so much to offer including the following:

  • NLP coach and practitioner
  • Qualified teacher (Drama)
  • Tutor, trainer and facilitator.
  • Run Public Speaking Demystified, a training business helping individual and companies overcoming their fears of speaking, especially in public
  • Experienced in job interviews and confidence for presentation for work
  • Action learning sets experience (listening tools)
  • Author of The Power of Outrageous Expression, a personal and practical to help you express yourself with confidence
  • Member of the Association for Coaching and the Essex coaching group
  • Single mother of 2 children
  • French but very anglicised!
  • Living in the UK and loving it

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“I have seen Hélène for some months now for her coaching services and can highly recommend them. She is very talented, a great listener and really knows how to get the best out of people.

My story: I have so many niggling issues, complaints, gripes, frustrations and seditious views about life, relationships, work, morals, ethics and really anything to do with ‘other people’ that I couldn’t wait, in my characteristic doom and gloom style, to start chipping away at and eroding Hélène’s resolve, ebullient personality and general happiness in all things.

After the first few sessions it became very clear that Hélène was the one doing the chipping and eroding and not the other way round! After several sessions (and much resistance on my part) we had proved that many of my issues have no grounding whatsoever and no matter how it seemed to me back then I don’t have any ‘proof’ that everyone and everything is against me! I don’t ‘know’ what people are thinking about me and the situations I am in. Wow, I didn’t see that coming!!!

Hélène and I, now we have identified certain weaknesses in my outlook to almost any given situation, are now working on techniques and strategies to diffuse the negative thoughts before they become a problem for me and others. I really like the role plays and the role reversal techniques Hélène employs in her sessions and it gives me a chance to practise these new skills.
For me (and I am sure the approach will change for each individual’s needs) the sessions are free-flowing and spontaneous and this stops them becoming dull and monotonous. I enjoy this and Hélène uses her knowledge of drama improvisation to good effect here making it fun as well as informative.

In a ‘testimonial’ I guess you would expect me to say that ‘life has never been better, I am so happy, I love life and I love being alive’ blah blah blah. I am not sure I can say THAT but I honestly do feel more in control of myself, my thought processes, the difficult situations I find myself in and I am certainly more positive in my outlook to life. Hélène and I have a long way to go but I can start to look to the future with brighter anticipation and a lot more focus!
Hélène has really helped me (where many others have tried and failed) and for this I thank her!”