Chelmsford, Essex

Speak more confidently

  • Build or rebuild your self-confidence through speaking with confidence online and offline
  • Overcome your fears of speaking in public and Facebook LIVES
  • Develop a confident mindset
  • Adopt the 5 keys- as explained in my book to unlock your speaking
  • Find your own voice and your own message
  • Having to make presentations for your business and for work?
  • Transform your relationship with speaking, Speaking is enjoyable
  • Practice your speaking in a safe environment
  • Practise using focused and relevant and interactive group exercises
  • Small groups only- personalised training

Improve your confidence

  • Communicate with ease
  • Become a better listener
  • Connect with others in an authentic and meaningful way
  • Get what you want without manipulation
  • Scared of hearing the sound of your own voice
  • Build powerful and impactful connections
  • Articulate your ideas more clearly
  • Communicate with assertiveness not arrogance
  • Find an inner calm and a renewed sense of satisfaction
  • Worried of making a fool of yourself
  • Fed up with heart palpitations and knotted throat?

Take your next steps

  • Stop being fed up of not being heard, seen or understood
  • Use our professional and personal services for success
  • Free and express yourself
  • Prepare yourself for transformation
  • increase your self-esteem, your confidence and your drive
  • Equip yourself with skills for life
  • Learn how to make a full contribution at meetings
  • Learn how to lead a team with more authority and assurance
  • Fulfill your ambitions and move up the promotion ladder
  • Learn how to present when speaking English a second language and having to present
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