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Corporate Coaching

• Senior Manager or Business Owner?
• Working for a corporate company?
• Concerned about the productivity and well being of your staff?


Close your eyes for a moment and relax. Imagine your staff always at their best, attending to your customers with care and dedication, striving to improve their performance and those of others and producing amazing profits for your company. They are loyal to your company and get briefed in short and effective meetings.

Wake up from your daydream and see your current reality:
Sick days
Poor work
High staff turn over
Long interminable meetings badly chaired and managed with little achievement
Diminishing profits
Profitability at risk…..
Do you have middle managers who are scared of presenting in public or who are not being assertive in front of their teams?
Do you have staff speaking English as a second language with some adequate language skills but they:
find it difficult to communicate with their team/managers could potentially go up the ladder but need support with their presentation and language skills
My Solution is Simple

Improve the performance of your staff at Corporate level by giving them the tools to be better communicators.

A lot of training is labelled “communication” but my approach differs as it is relevant and practical and aim to support your staff with face to face, telephone and meetings communication, including public speaking.

I work at two levels

  1. Improving the motivation and mindset of your staff and their attitude towards each other and especially towards themselves.
  2. Making them practise, practise, practise so that they can overcome barriers to effective communication. My work is very practical.

I provide an exclusive and focused service to companies who want to develop the communication skills of their staff for higher profit and staff retention, but want simple, effective lasting results.

Video Testimonials – Personalised Programme Staff from the Olympus Medical Device Manufacturing Centre.

I have 3 promises if your staff works with me

  • Your staff will be much more engaged with their work
  • Your staff will be better communicators including speaking in public and in groups/meetings;
  • Your staff will perform better at work.

And an added bonus, your middle managers will have better performing teams.

How do I do that?

I ask people to speak up and out, to speak in public, to speak in meeting and in groups and to practise speaking, speaking speaking. I work on what is relevant to them and I adjust my training according to their needs. I use my expertise as a teacher and trainer to make a difference. Training with foreign staff will include pronunciation and grammar and use of idioms.

My Approach has 4 Elements

  1. The Personalised programme- 10 sessions- 1.30 hours at a time one to one (minimum 4 members of staff booking ).
  2. The In communication programme at the place of your work/corporate company : 3 ½ day to 1 day (minimum 5- maximum 12 participants) running over 3 months.
  3. The Speak Out communication programme, a training day run every couple of months at prestigious venues in London and other parts of the country: 1 day training.
  4. The Bespoke programme- completely devised with you and your needs in mind.

Call Me to Discuss Your Needs

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