Chelmsford, Essex

Hélène’s Background


Life coach and confidence coach; NLP practitioner and coach

Member of the Association for  Coaching

Hélène’s roots are in the South of France in the cote d’azur region enjoying the French Rivera and plenty of sunshine too.  The attractions of the French Rivera include the famously glamorous beach resorts such as Saint-Tropez and Cannes, and the independent microstate of Monaco. Why would a person leave such fabulous surroundings? Hélène had a burning ambition to become successful and following her studies obtaining a degree in History and Political Science she travelled to England in 1989 arriving with a suitcase and little English.

Learning English fully was the first target of Hélène and she set out to pick up the language as much as she could using Drama as a learning tool.

Hélène soon mastered the intricacies of the English language and has demonstrated in so much of the work she undertakes how proficient she is with the language. in fact, with her underlying French accent, Hélène articulates at all times in a manner that is interesting and easy to listen to.

The Journey

Hélène’s journey then took her into teaching she became especially interested in the outer and inner confidence paradox. Most people appear perfectly confident to the outside world but are crippled with self-doubt, negative feelings and low self-esteem. Whilst they appear to cope, they are searching for answers outside themselves whereas the answer is within themselves. They can work on re-acquainting themselves with their inner confidence including their inner child and their inner worth.

Now a qualified coach with John Seymour NLP Hélène combines experience and expertise as a theatre and drama practitioner with Neuro Linguistic  Programming Coaching Tools to help you feel, appear and behave in a confident and authentic manner.

Hélène’s Approach

Hélène believes that we learn best by doing and practicing and will always engage her clients in a practical approach. Having worked in a variety of schools, including several special needs schools, Hélène is versatile and solution-focused in her approach. She adapts her work to the needs of the client.

She works in the community and the video below shows her work with Grapevine with adults with learning disabilities.