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roller coaster of life!

We all need with a good dose of confidence and when we create a business or are about to create one, this becomes even more significant. As a business owner or an aspiring one, you will go through moments of ups and downs. Let’s compare it to a roller coaster, moments of pure joy and anticipation and moments of sheer fear with a strong feeling of unease in your belly! I am sure you can see the parallel!

Confidence then becomes this constant wave and we need to ride it with grace and equip ourselves with balance.

confidence is like a wave

confidence is like a wave

I believe that in order to manage the fear that haunts us, fear of uncertainty  fear of failure, fear of not making it, fear of not having money whilst building the business, fear of having to learn something so new we can not even understand it when we start,. We we need to be able to practise and come to terms to some of our inner demons and value ourselves as individual as well as our  offer and  ideas.

In my Public Speaking workshop you will be able to address that fear and to start expressing yourself for yourself and for the business. Once you work with your fear and practise being yourself and embracing who you are, then the rest will be so much easier.

There will be fear but you  will have fun at expressing yourself , you will have fun being yourself and you will feel fully  supported to express yourself and to start articulating who you are as a person and what you are as a business, as both are entirely bound together, through a series of  practical exercises.

Why don’t you come along in Chelmsford on the 29th of January 2019,  you can find full detailshere. 

I believe in the power of having fun and the power of being with other people to help you find the courage to develop that business and yourself in the meantime.

Let’s making speaking a natural thing to do and demystify it all …

Helene is a dreamer, a poet, a trainer, a coach, a mother, a daughter.  She is passionate about helping others to find their voices through her training. Get in touch with her If you want to book a discovery call with her, please get in touch on 07875627485. If you want to buy her book, click here or buyher online  course