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7 best tips when you feel stuck

7 best tips when you feel stuck

Are you feeling fully confident? What to do when you feel stuck?

Welcome to the Confidence Diaries I have started blogging and offering mini tips to help you cope and feel fully confident based on real life experiences. Enjoy and comment at the bottom. Here are 7 tips when you feel stuck!

7 tips when you feel stuck

A friend of mine has got himself into a mess. Let’s be honest. He has lost his job, is going through a court case against his previous employer and has several properties which are derelict and with heavy mortgages to pay. He is on his own though, therefore it is only affecting him and I suppose all is own doing. He has decided to sell on property which seems to be wise move. However, this is not a decision he wants to make and I was reflecting today on what can you do when you feel stuck and especially if money is running fast and debt accumulates. These can be adapted to your own personal circumstances, of course.

1/ Pull yourself away from the situation : go for a long walk, take a day off, go a few days away. By doing that, you will replenish your batteries and also rested, you will be clearer on what to do next.

2/ Check inside : find some meditation tapes on the internet and listen to other words on wisdom, do it several times over the course of a week or two

3/ Listen to friends and family but be wary of their advice : friends might want the best but with they will have conflicting ideas and some of them might want to get you even more stuck if it is in their interest. families might play an emotional blackmail even without realising, “You should not sell this house and go away from me” , “What would I do without you” type of mother’s advice

4/ Talk to professionals who can give you the right advice. My friend is now selling to a so-called friends who is a property developer. I do not think he has gone to ask for independent and professional advice with people who do not mix feelings with business.

5/ Draw up pros and cons on a piece of paper, you can make some columns with short term and long term implications of the decision you may make. If possible ask another professional, a coach maybe to help you to do that. If not possible, do it with a friend who is not too close and too emotionally involved in the decision. That will relieve some of the pressure.

6/ Take responsibility: as hard as it is, we make mistakes- we are mere mortals and we have to learn from it, at some point we have to learn to accept it and not dwell on the decisions we made in the past. It would be better to learn from them.

7/ Even if you feel your situation is dire, flip it and look at what you have got in your life, make a list of that, starting with being alive and having a roof over your head? List all the things you have either material or emotional. Yesterday, I did not blog but I spent the whole day with friends, refill my emotional bank account and had an amazing day. I had a twinge of guilt, thinking I should have blogged and then thought No. It was more important to reconnect with others. Today I feel back in track and deeply contented.

flip it from negative to positive

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Good luck on your confident journey! Helene