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What To Learn From Celebrities

I am a bit of a fan of TV and series. I’ve recently been watching all the episodes of Last Tango in Halifax . The lives of these people give me vertigo and it is so fast in terms of what they do, separating and getting married  very quickly.

Recently Nicola Walker who plays Gillian in the series (who is also known for other sitcoms) declared that “Getting out of your comfort zone is fun”.  “Fun” – is it really fun? Or is that in the daily life and the mundanity of life with the “to do list”,  and the endless chores, we forget to challenge ourselves and can get caught in boring and less than fulling lives.

Can we lead ordinary lives but explore the extraordinary side of ourselves?

What do you do on a regular basis to make your life more meaningful?

What makes you get up every morning?

For me there is my son who brings happiness to my heart and the fact that I am useful to others in one way or another and that keeps me going. When I feel down and doubtful especially in winter,  or when I hear bad news every day, specifically at the moment, I do NOT make a to do list but a grateful list, I then step away and realise how beautiful life is!

What do you do to keep you on track? Let me know below!

Have a fab day!


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